Submitting an Online Work Request

We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.  While our Facilities team is open and functioning, it is not business as usual.  Their health and safety is important to us and, therefore, the Real Estate Office and Facilities would like to establish a protocol for work orders.

Prior to work taking place, we will contact you to establish the health of those living in the unit.  We will ask if there is anyone not feeling well or anyone self-isolating or under quarantine.  In such conditions, Facilities may need to schedule the work to take place at a later time.  If it is an emergency, then Facilities has safety measures that the staff are responsible for taking prior to entering the unit.

Please contact Sharon Marceau at [email protected] or phone at 413.663.4020 with any questions or emergency work requests. Sharon will remain available to you as needed, so please don’t hesitate to contact her.  If you have an emergency and are unable to reach Sharon, please contact Campus Safety & Security at 413.597.4444.


Facilities Online Work Request System

Click on the link below to submit a Work Request:

Use your Google login and password to login into the FM:  Workplace portal.  To submit a work request, select fm: interact.  We recommend that you watch the Training Video for FM: Interact.  If you have questions, contact Sharon Marceau at [email protected].

For emergency repairs during regular business hours, please contact the Real Estate Office at 597-2195 or Facilities at 597-2486.  For emergency repairs after hours, weekends, and holidays, call Campus Safety and Security at 597-4444.

An emergency is defined as a problem that would result in harm to you or others or cause damage to the building and must be resolved in the same day.


If you have more than one problem you are reporting to Facilities, you must submit a separate work request for each problem.  For example, the outlet by the bed in the master bedroom is not working and the cabinet door above the stove has fallen off the hinges.  Each problem requires a different shop to do the work and a separate work order will be generated for each shop. 

In the description:

Include your apartment number, if applicable.

Indicate a day/time when the shop can enter your unit to make the necessary repair(s).  The work will be scheduled at least 5 days after the work request has been submitted.

Be very specific when filling in the description of work required.

  • Window is broken
    • What room is the window in?
    • Is the glass broken? Is the glass cracked?  Is there glass on the floor?
    • Does the window not open or close?
    • Is the frame damaged?
  • Dishwasher is not working
    • Does the dishwasher turn on?
    • Dishes are not getting cleaned?
    • Does not complete the cycle?
    • Water is not draining?
  • Leak in bathroom sink
    • How bad is the leak?
    • Is the leak coming from the faucet or base of faucet?
    • Is the leak underneath the sink?
    • Is the cabinet underneath the sink wet?