Spring 2023 Real Estate Communication

Below is important information regarding the Spring 2023 Rental Housing Selection (fka Lottery),  and Subletting Guidelines.

 Spring 2023 Housing Selection (FKA, Lottery) Timeline and Specifics

 The Spring 2023 Rental Housing Selection sign-up period will begin Wednesday, March 1 and will end Monday, April 3.  Selection will begin on Monday, April 10.  At this time, we do not anticipate being able to offer in person tours of properties as part of the selection process.  

 If you wish to be included in the Spring 2023 Rental Housing Selection (fka, Lottery) or have any questions, please contact Sharon Marceau in the Real Estate Office at [email protected] or 413-597-2195.  She can provide specifics on properties that may be available as well as information on points and the lottery process.

 Faculty and administrative staff may pool their points if they wish to occupy a single housing unit. 

 Spring 2023 Subletting Guidelines

 If you are planning to take a sabbatical or leave of absence during the 2023-2024 academic year (either one semester or the entire year) and wish to make arrangements to sublet your rental unit through the College, contact Sharon no later than April 1.

 For those who are planning to go on sabbatical or leave and intend to sublet your unit directly to another faculty or staff member at the College, contact Sharon no later than April 1.

 We have published and clarified the existing subletting guidelines on the Real Estate web site:  We would encourage anyone contemplating a sublet to review the subletting options and guidelines for your housing unit while you are away on leave.  We have updated the subletting application and have added a subletter application as well.  Links for these new forms are included in the guidelines.

 For full information on Subletting of College Rental Housing, refer to Section III-G of the Faculty Handbook: and the Administrative Staff Handbook:

 If you have any questions or concerns about our Rental Real Estate Program, Spring Selection (fka, Lottery), or the Subletting Guidelines, please email [email protected]

The College owns a number of rental housing units in which many members of the faculty and administrative staff reside. The College makes these units available to assist faculty and administrative staff in finding accommodations in Williamstown.

The Office of Real Estate oversees a lottery process to manage the assignment of available rental housing units.  As described in the Faculty and Staff Housing Handbook, two lotteries are performed each calendar year.  Once in November, for housing for the Spring semester, and once in the Spring during the month of April.  The largest of the lotteries is the Spring lottery.  This Rental Housing Selection is run to determine housing for the following Fall with the majority of move-ins occurring in the month of August.  For eligibility for rental housing as well as the points system for the selection process, please refer to Section III-G of the Faculty Handbook and the Administrative Staff Handbook, Benefits: Other.

Please contact the Real Estate and Housing Coordinator, Sharon Marceau, at [email protected] or 413-597-2195 with any questions.