Rental Housing Summer Subletting Guidelines

Below are Rental Housing Summer Subletting Guidelines for faculty and staff in College housing who are planning to offer their unit as a summer sublet.

Resident agrees to follow the Guidelines outlined below:

  • You must notify the Real Estate office of your desire to sublet your unit for the summer at least 30 days before the start of the desired sublet, and no later than June 1.
  • The term of the sublet cannot be less than 30 days.
  • Those interested in a summer sublet will contact the College resident directly.
  • You will remain responsible to the College for any damage to the unit beyond normal wear and tear. Any liability for damages by the subletter must be settled between the resident and the subletter.
  • You will remain obligated to the College for payment of rent and utility charges as well as the condition of the premises (as defined in the License Agreement) during the term of the sublet.  Regular payroll withholdings will continue during the duration of the sublet, and you are responsible for collecting rent and utility payments directly from the subletter.
  • If you have items that you do not want to leave for the subletter’s use, you must make arrangements for outside storage.  You will not be able to store items in a locked closet or bedroom.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the unit.  The College is not responsible for cleaning the unit at any time during the summer sublet term.
  • You are responsible for providing keys to the subletter.  Facilities will not provide keys to summer subletters.

We are hoping for a Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF) summer.  If so, those subletting through the WTF will also be required to sign the subletting agreement that’s between the resident and the WTF subletter (this is a sample sublease form and will be provided by WTF to the subletter and resident).

Please note:  we will continue the practice of not allowing units to be advertised with online platforms individually including the Switchboard, Craig’s List, Airbnb, etc.

Here is a link to the units that are being offered as sublets for the Summer 2021:

For full information on Subletting of College Rental Housing, refer to Section III-G of the Faculty Handbook: and the Administrative Staff Handbook: