Rental Housing Subletting Guidelines

Rental Housing Subletting Options and Subletting Guidelines

Below are Subletting Options and Guidelines for faculty and staff in College housing who are planning to take a sabbatical or leave of absence during the 2021-2022 academic year (either one full semester or the entire year).

Subletting Options

As you plan your sabbatical or leave of absence, you have options to consider regarding your current rental unit.  You can make your selection on the Sublet Form that you are required to submit to the Real Estate Office.

  • If you wish to sublet your rental unit through the College, you must notify the Real Estate Office no later than April 1 (November 1 for the spring semester) and you must comply with all of the Subletting Guidelines listed below.  The College will not accept requests for subletting after the deadline.
  • If you intend to sublet your unit directly to another faculty or staff member at the College, you must notify the Real Estate Office.  Here is the Sublet Form that must be completed by you and by your Proposed Subletter, which must be submitted to the Real Estate Office for approval.
  • You also have the option of moving out of your rental unit. The Real Estate office would then add the unit to the list of available rental housing.

Subletting Guidelines

If you would like to sublet your unit through the College, you are required to follow the Rental Housing Subletting Guidelines outlined below:

  • Your move out date can be no later than August 15 (spring lottery) or January 15 (winter lottery).  If move out is later than the deadline, the College will not assume the rent and utilities (if applicable) for your unit.
  • Your return date, following the spring semester, can be no earlier than June 15 or December 15, following the fall semester.
  • Your unit must be provided to the College/subletter in move-in ready condition.  The unit must be clean, including appliances, all food items removed from the fridge and cabinets, and all personal items not intended for the subletter’s use, including clothing, must be removed.
  • If you have items that you do not want to leave for the subletter’s use, you must make arrangements for outside storage.  You will not be able to store items in a locked closet or bedroom.
  • Arrangements must be made by you to clean the unit upon return.

For full information on Subletting of College Rental Housing, refer to Section III-G of the Faculty Handbook: and the Administrative Staff Handbook: