Commuter Housing Program

In 2019, the College’s commuter housing program was formally established.  The commuter housing program provides eligible faculty and staff access to rental units only after their eligibility for the regular residential housing program has been exhausted (generally 9 years for faculty and 3 years for staff).  The commuter housing units are no different than other residential housing units, but the program is valuable because it allows faculty and staff who maintain a permanent residence elsewhere to have access to reliable rental housing in Williamstown, MA beyond the normal eligibility window highlighted above.

The program is consistently reviewed and the outline for the commuter housing program structure is highlighted below.


  • Eligibility is limited to faculty and staff who have exhausted their eligibility for the regular rental housing program.
    • For example:  administrative staff, at the time of hire, are eligible for the regular rental housing program and can live in rental housing for 3 years from the date of hire.  If the date of hire is July 1, 2020, housing eligibility will expire June 15, 2023.  The staff member is no longer eligible for the regular rental housing program and may inquire, at this point in time, as to their eligibility for the commuter housing program.
  • Eligible individuals are those with a primary residence beyond a 60-mile radius from the campus.
  • Individuals who have participated in the pilot commuter housing program to date may enter the lottery and will participate via the Phase Two portion of the lottery.


  • The commuter housing program will consist of six (6) units that are set aside for selection and use by those eligible for the program. The residential real estate office will oversee the proper allocation of units for the program.
  • Individuals must submit to the residential real estate office documentation of a rental residence or a family residence that serves as one’s primary residence outside of the 60-miles radius. By doing so, one registers for the program.  Once approved, eligibility continues so long as one remains a commuter.


  • Participation will occur in three-year segments with a lottery to occur for units every three years or when a unit becomes available.
  • The lottery for commuter units will occur in two phases.
    • Phase One will be for new entrants (initial three-year term) into the commuter housing program.
    • If any units remain, a Phase Two of the lottery will occur for any other eligible commuters (those who have already participated in an initial three-year term).
  • The commuter program lottery will occur at the end of March every three years prior to the regular residential housing lottery or as needed when a unit becomes available.

The program will be reviewed with the Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) and Benefits Committee following the initial three year term or as needed.  Any changes to the program will be reviewed and approved by the FCC and Benefits Committee.