Co-Housing Pilot Program

Effective July 1, 2019

Samuelson House, 575 Water Street, is a local historic home that has been renovated and converted into a 3-bedroom home, each bedroom with its own bath.  Kitchen, living room, dining room and laundry on the 1st floor are shared by occupants of the house.  Occupants will enjoy an all-inclusive arrangement with utilities, whole house internet, lawn care, snow removal, trash removal, and common area cleaning included in the monthly lease amount of $765 per bedroom.


Eligibility is open to faculty and administrative staff who are eligible for the commuter or rental housing program. 

Pilot Duration

The co-housing program will be piloted for a three year period and then reviewed with the appropriate committees designated below in the Oversight section.  Individuals who select a co-housing unit may be required to move if the pilot program is ended or the co-housing model is not successful.

If the pilot is ended, those living in the co-housing program will be given preference for selecting a unit of their choice prior to the traditional spring residential housing lottery. 


The co-housing program will consist of three (3) bedroom units in Samuelson House that are set aside for selection and use by those eligible for the commuter or rental housing program.  The residential real estate office will oversee the proper allocation of units for the program.

Only one (1) occupant per bedroom.

Subletting is permitted with review and approval by the Office of Real Estate and support of other co-housing tenants.

The house has a single thermostat which will be controlled by the Office of Real Estate / Facilities Division.  Individual radiator controls exist in each space which tenants may use to control heat.  The temperature for the house will be set to 68 degrees during the heating season.  The house does not have air conditioning, but tenants may install approved portable air conditioning units in bedrooms with the approval of the Office of Real Estate.

No pets are permitted. 


The units will be offered as part of the regular commuter or rental housing program lotteries during the Winter and Spring lotteries if not already occupied.

Individuals may choose to combine their points in the lottery to select co-housing units as a group.

What is included?

The following is provided / included in the monthly cost:

  • All utilities
  • Whole house wireless internet
  • Lawn care
  • Snow Removal
  • Trash removal
  • Weekly common area cleaning
  • Furnished first floor common area
  • Kitchen utensils, plates, drinkware, pots, and pans
  • On premise shared laundry facilities
  • Off street parking

Tenants will need to furnish individual bedrooms including linens, etc.


The program will be reviewed with the Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) and the Benefits Committee.  Any changes to the program highlighted above will be reviewed and approved with the stipulated committees.