Submitting an Online Work Request

If you have a repair or maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, Facilities has an online web request form so you can submit your own work request.  Below is the link to the instructions page.  There is also a link on the Real Estate web site under Important Links.  The login and password are both realest (lower case) and not your Novell or email login.

I would suggest reading through the instructions as you may find answers to the questions you have.  Please be sure to include which apartment you are in, a detailed description of your issue, and dates and times that would work for you when the shops can enter your unit.

For emergency repairs during regular business hours, please contact the Real Estate Office at 597-2195 or Facilities at 597-2486.  For emergency repairs after hours, weekends, and holidays, call Campus Safety and Security at 597-4444.